Bennett Family Law's founding attorney, Kelly Bennett is well known in Southern California as one of the region's top mediators and arbitrators. In addition to representing people in divorce, Ms. Bennett and her carefully selected associates offer stellar mediation and arbitration services through Mediation Law Group, Inc. ("MLG"). MLG's divorce & family mediation services provide positive alternatives to the costly court process. The family mediators help stabilize relationships and assist family members in creating their own solutions. This is a separate service from Bennett Family Law's traditional legal representation. The MLG mediators don't represent either party, but instead serve as neutral mediators to help the parties work together to reach a settlement. Mediation works best in a situation where both parties get along well enough to work together toward a mutually beneficial goal and there has not been domestic violence.

"The Civil Divorce"

MLG family mediators are trained in advanced dispute resolution skills, principles of reconciliation, as well as domestic violence prevention. Through MLG's carefully guided process, families are able to effectively resolve co-parenting, divorce, support, and custody issues. MLG mediators' role is to help couples and family members work together to resolve their differences wherever possible. MLG does not champion divorce, nor do the mediators minimize the consequences of the decision to end a marriage. However, MLG mediators are "reality brokers" and recognize that when a decision to divorce or separate has been made, serious negative consequences can result.

As compassionate resolutionists, the MLG mediation style is to direct the parties to consider the best interests of each other, and particularly their children. MLG mediators seek to find agreements that return a sense of physical, emotional and financial stability as quickly as possible, to minimize harmful effects on parents and children. Principles of forgiveness and reconciliation may be examined if the parties so choose. Pastoral and/or rabbinical support and professional counseling are encouraged.

As neutrals, MLG mediators and arbitrators are mindful of individual belief systems, while simultaneously honoring the principles of self-determination. That is, the MLG facilitative mediation process is designed to work within the parameters of the decisions the parties have made.

Click here to explore Mediation Law Group's site, and learn about their Family Mediation Services, such as:

  • Property Settlements
  • Child Custody and Child Time-Sharing Plans
  • Co-Parenting
  • Spousal Support
  • Post-Divorce Modifications
  • Interim Separation and Counseling Agreements
  • Quitclaims/Inter-spousal Grant Deeds
  • Promissory Notes
  • Trust Deeds
  • Grandparents Rights/Visitation
  • Elder Care