Online Resources


Penzu is a free private diary. It provides a place to create a biography explaining the entire history of the marriage. Once you have finished your history, you can organize it with a full set of searching, sorting, renaming, and filtering tools. You will be able to create a narrative that may help with preparation of declarations, hearing and/or trial testimony.

Penzu is truly private. It's not a blogging or publishing platform. If you are concerned about absolute privacy, you can sign up for a paid, professional account ($19 per year), which offers military-grade security. Once you are ready to share your story with your Bennett & Bennett attorney, the site allows you to send the content via e-mail. Penzu even allows visitors (like your attorney) to comment on posts that have been shared.


At some point in this process, you may need to an inventory of your personal property and it can be painful and tedious to list all the personal property you own. iKeepm is a free site that makes creating a household inventory easy. The site is cloud-based and secure, and it organizes the inventory room by room. Once you have entered the items, it's simple to create reports and forward them to your attorneys.

An alternative to iKeepm is www.OwnDepot.com , which offers a similar service but, for an additional fee, offers to do the inventory for you.


Mint is an amazingly powerful, free site for organizing personal finances. It's quick, easy, and intuitive, and it's run by Intuit (the company that created Quicken). Mint replaced Quicken Online and is a robust tool for aggregating financial information. Mint will allow you to enter all your financial accounts into the system. When you enter the username and password for your bank account, for instance, Mint grabs all the data and pulls it into the system. It does the same for credit cards, mortgages, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, and just about any other financial account you might own.

The data is aggregated, making it easy for you to generate reports about where the money has been going. Beyond that, you can use the data and the automated system for developing a post-marital or post-cohabitation budget. The categorization and budgeting tools are easy to use and quite powerful. You can create graphs and charts within Mint, and you can take complete control of your personal finances with built-in alerts and notifications. It will give you a clear sense of your family's financial situation.