Basic Filing 1 $750
Each Court Appearance (not trial) Riverside County Superior Court) $750
Application for Money Judgment After Default Judgment for Possession $325
All other UD related services $395 per hour
(Negotiation, discovery, motions, correspondence, trial -reduced from general civil litigation rate of $395 per hour)
Preparation of 3-day notice to pay rent or quit No Charge


All costs reflect the actual amount paid to the courts, attorney service, Marshals etc. are not included
in the Basic Filing fee and may change without notice. Fees and costs paid to others are subject to
change without notice.

Filing Fee

Riverside County (under $10,000) $270
Riverside County (between $10,000 and $25,000) $395
Riverside County (over $25,000) $450
All other UD related services $395 per hour
Writ of Possession $25 (varies)
Marshall Fee $150
Service of Process (Riverside County filing and service) $95
(Charges vary depending on court and property location)


1 “Basic Filing” includes Summons, Complaint, Civil Case Cover Sheet, Pre-judgment Claim to Right of Possession, Request for Entry of Default, Default Judgment for Possession, Writ of Possession and Marshal’s instructions as necessary.