We Believe in ``Servant Leadership``

Lawyers at the top of their game, putting services to their clients and their community first.

Servant leadership means our clients’ goals and concerns come first – and we are here for our clients to listen, guide and mindfully walk you through every part of the process.

Going through anything that requires the assistance of an attorney can be intimidating. All the attorney’s and staff have always gone out of their way to be supportive, informative and professional. Due to their support to me I have referred them to many over the years and have always received great feedback from their interactions with the Bennett and Bennett Law group.

— Wendy W

Concerned about the future as a single mother raising a special needs teen, Barbara needed help getting through custody and support issues with minimal “add-on” stress.

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– Barbara Ankele

Greg Bennett and his wonderful team take the necessary steps in order to secure the principles of business ownership. Over the last 10 years, Bennett and Bennett has taken initiative in navigating our company’s brand while protecting our best interest. We highly recommend Greg and his wonderful staff for any and all legal needs.

– Dynamic Fitness HPK Inc.

It was nice to know that they cared about the little things that matter to me as a person, and I would just recommend them to anyone. I’m excited to live my life without having to worry about someone else dictating how I live my life; and remembering who I am. When you pick someone to have kids with and they turn out not to be the person that you thought they were…and then you have to share parenting responsibilities with them… that’s hard. I know that with the result we were able to come to this was the best result for my son.

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– Nancy H

If you are going through a divorce, don’t go with the least expensive attorney, go with the best. In the long run you will be very happy you did and so will your wallet. The decisions you make now will affect you (and your kids) for years to come. If your divorce includes domestic violence issues you will appreciate working with someone who is sympathetic and understanding of your situation.

– Rhonda R

I have used the services of Bennett and Bennett Law for both business law and family law. All of the attorneys have been professional and provided outstanding client service. I have referred many business partners and friends to them as well. Bennett and Bennett has always exceeded our expectations at times when we needed professional advice/counsel the most…

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-David F. Barragan


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